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Our services and equipment



Forestry mulching (drum mulching)


We have the largest skid steer and forestry mulcher available to allow us to take on bigger trees while covering more ground in a shorter time as well as chopping the debris into finer mulch. Forestry mulching is a land-clearing method that can cut, grind and clear vegetation, all while turning it to mulch. Because the end product is chopped into mulch, there isn’t any debris to haul away.

Tree saw

Circular tree saw

This attachment is the fastest way to cut trees and also allows the trees to be cut flush with the ground, eliminating the need for stump removal.

Land and brush clearing


Tree shear

Carrying a downed tree from tree shearing

With this machine we are able to cut and grab the trees at the same time. This allows for quick removal and less ground disturbance.

Extendable saw

Extendible saw trimming high in a tree

This saw is for trimming branches farther away such as high in a tree or over a creek bank.

Other services

  • Brush mowing

  • Farm improvements

  • Fence row clearing

  • Creek line cleanup

  • CRP enhancement

  • Trail creation/maintenance

  • Hunting, hiking and timber trails

  • Timber stand improvement

  • Right-of-way maintenance

  • Storm cleanup

  • Land improvement

  • Invasive species removal

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